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Xtreme420 is the best topical pain management solution on the sports market!

We hear the call from more athletes who are looking for alternative medication. Improve your performance with our brand-new cannabis oil-based pain balm.

Why Should YOU Order Xtreme420?

Why is CBD Such a Great Medical Alternative?

Xtreme420 is not only for the young sportsmen & women but also for the older generations.

Find out how Xtreme420 can improve your mobility in any sport of your choice.

Why you should order Xtreme420:

  • Best pain relief for muscles and joints

  • Developed for athletes and sporty people

  • Medical grade organic product

  • No side effects whatsoever

  • Top quality product delivered to your door

  • Prompt risk-free service

  • CBD is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever

  • Guaranteed to work on your pain immediately

Why is CBD Such a Great Medical Alternative?


  • Natural anti-inflammatory

  • Natural herb with no side effects

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Improves quality of sleep

Did you know that CBD is now used in sports medicine for pain, inflammation and stress?

Athletes and sporty people push their bodies to their limits. Tissues are therefore continually damaged and repaired.  This causes pain and inflammation.  Sometimes, the pain is here to stay.  Sports injuries can change your life forever.  Some athletes remain crippled for life.

But now there is CBD.  This natural therapy enhances the healing and rejuvenation of bones, nerves and tissues.  Medical CBD is legal in many countries now.

Xtreme420 is the best sports remedy on the market.

How does Xtreme420 work?

Rub Xtreme420 into your muscles and joints before a workout to reduce the chance of injury.

Rub Xtreme420 into your muscles & joints afterwards, to soothe the effects of your fitness regime.

Get potent relief from intense pain with Xtreme420. The best pain topical on the market.

Invest in this natural anti-inflammatory for instant relief from sports injuries and sore muscles.

Rub our new cannabis oil cream into your joints and muscles before a workout or a race to enhance your performance. Rub it in afterwards to soothe tired muscles, tissues and joints.

Xtreme420 works immediately to soothe a fit body.

More About Xtreme420

Recognized by athletes and fitness instructors, our new cannabis topical is infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and natural organic ingredients. 
The CBD goes straight to the tissues in the body and soothes any pain or inflammation from exercise.
This pain cream is not designed fopr oral consumption hence cannot make you high.
We use organic, pure ingredients to ensure our CBD lasts longer and works harder.
We have formulated a powerful antidote to pain, using safe, non-toxic ingredients. 

Our advantage in the CBD market is simple

  • Xtreme420 is a unique pain relief topical for sportsmen. Manage your body before and after exercise. Stay pain free.
  • We grow and produce our cannabis with integrity in healthy soils without the use of chemicals.
  • We extract cannabis oil using organic coconut oil, free from pollution.
  •  We have an authentic commitment to our clients to produce quality alternative medication.

Reasons why Xtreme420 is the product for you

  • The leading medical cannabis product for sportsmen and athletes.
  • Dedicated to safe, consistent and reliable therapy to all people who love exercise.
  • The newest topical pain management solution, providing benefits for the sports market.
  • A healing cannabis oil ideal for sports injuries and to enhance fitness levels.
  • Delivered straight to your door.
  • Shipped to 30 countries on 6 continents.

Sportsmen & Women currently using Xtreme420