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Try the all-new Xtreme420 cannabis pain balm

It soothes tired muscles and aching joints after a workout. Feel the pain ebb away as you rub the balm into the skin.

Xtreme420 is currently foremost in the field of first-class, safe and untainted pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil products.

Athletes order our pain balm for a pre-workout booster and a post-workout therapy.

Front page news in the cannabis realm is that this cannabis balm for sporty people is now available in South Africa.

Xtreme420 is a new cannabis oil balm product that just hit the shelves and is taking the fitness market by storm.

All you need to do is order your tub of topical pain balm for instant pain relief. We recommend this balm for athletes, sporty spirits, gym enthusiasts and coaches. Rub it into over-worked muscles and sore joints. It will also soothe dry skin and rashes.

What is this New Pain Product for Sportsmen?


  • Xtreme420 Pain Relief Balm has been developed in consultation with our loyal customers. We tested it on plenty of athletes and fitness addicts and 9 out of 10 users ordered the product after initial tests. This is evidence that our cannabis balm really works! And it is 100% organic and natural. It has never been tested on animals and is vegan friendly.
  • Xtreme420 comprises natural and organic cannabis oil, grown and produced with integrity. We are committed to the production of quality medical cannabis for our clients. We use no chemicals and only extract our oils using organic, uncontaminated coconut oil. We have an advantage over other producers because of our ethics.
  • The best part about Xtreme420 is that it is primarily a cannabis-based product. Cannabis has been identified for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. This pain balm could therefore be a solution for localized pain for sportsmen and women who are not keen to intake cannabis orally.

We Deliver to Your Door!

  • Remember that we deliver cannabis oil products to all towns in South Africa. Our cannabis oil is available in South Africa and when you order online from us, we deliver to you. Yes, we offer free national delivery to every town in South Africa!
  • Our service is fast and free – it takes 24-48 hours to get your cannabis oil delivered to your doorstep. If you live in one of the major cities such as Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg or Pretoria, we deliver in a matter of one day. If you live in other towns, delivery takes 2 days.
  • Have your cannabis oil delivered to all town in South Africa. Chat to one of our consultants to hear if you can get your cannabis oil product delivered to your home.

Xtreme420 is now available.  Add it to your health inventory.

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